Monday, February 3, 2014

Overload! Pharmacy discount programs? (UPDATED)

This isn't a real post. Rather a call for any tips and tricks out there for ordering medications. My IVF coordinator sent in my prescription to MDR Pharmacy, but advised me that I might want to call around and do price comparisons. The RN suggested that if I want to make the most out of our insurance coverage (since we have a cap in place of $15K), that we should pay by credit card and then submit the claim to insurance, since the cash pay rate is usually heavily discounted. Thus, we will reach our max of $15K slower and can stretch it to cover more IVF costs. Sidenote: I realize not everyone has insurance coverage and believe me I so grateful to have any at all. We endured a year and a half without it. NO ONE should be denied insurance coverage.

So I called a total of four pharmacies, which was shockingly easy as they rattled off prices super fast and it turns out the prices do vary by several hundred dollars. Also, who knew that the needles and syringes come free with the drugs? However, I've become aware of a TON of medication discount programs. Some of the programs are automatic enrollment through the pharmacy and others you must seek out and enroll on your own. I'd rather not fall down the rabbit hole of searching the WWW for every discount program known to man, so I thought I'd put a shout out to see if any of you out there can point me to the best one?

This is what I came up with so far:

Design Rx First Steps-- awesome discount program 25-75% off list price, but ONLY if you have NO insurance coverage.

New Life Agency- Fertility Pharmacy Care Card For every $1000 spent on meds you get $100 off. The cost to enroll is $25. For use at participating pharmacies (Walgreens accepts it).

I will need my meds delivered by Feb. 13th, so I have a little time.

List of meds
Ganirelix 250mcg/0.5 syringe                                 quantity 5
Micro dose HCG 100IU/1ML                                 (5ML) bottle
1000IU HCG (trigger-brand name or generic)          quantity 1
Follistim 300IU                                                     quantity 10

Tell me what you know. GO!

Peace out,

Update: I got a bunch of responses from women in my support group. I ended up going with Walgreens. They had the best prices for my particular set of drugs and I'll get $300 off using the Fertility Pharmacy Care Card. Many of the discount programs are income based or only for those without insurance coverage and since we have insurance I did not apply. Some pharmacies offer coupon rebates, but again for my particular set of drugs, they weren't the best deal for me. I have to wait for my RN to send the prescription over to Walgreens and then I can place the order. Fingers crossed this happens soon. I am nervous!


  1. I don't know anything about fertility drugs, but we have a discount card from Walgreens ($25 per year) and it makes my dog's meds $10/month instead of $60+. Hope you get some good savings!!

  2. This was really interesting, as I'll be purchasing my meds in a few weeks. I've used Walgreens specialty for past meds for IUIs, and they have been great to work with.

    I'm going to check out the pharmacy care card now! thanks to you!

  3. I have no idea why comments keep getting eaten. Thanks for the responses. Isabelle, I did receive two from you.

  4. Hi. I just found the Walgreens deal with the Pharmacy card from New Life Agency. I wanted to find out how that worked for you.